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World Press Freedom Day: Enabling Environment for Journalists

Updated: May 5, 2023

The United Nations created World Press Freedom Day to remind nations of their commitment to press freedom.

As a fundamental right, press freedom enables journalists to carry out their duties of informing the public and holding governments accountable. Governments continue to impose restrictions on journalistic freedom despite the value of this right.

For a democracy to exist, press freedom is crucial. It gives journalists the opportunity to serve as watchdogs and to disseminate knowledge that is vital for holding governments responsible. The ability to uncover wrongdoing, corruption, and violations of human rights by journalists who work freely and without fear of retaliation is crucial for defending and advancing the rights of all people.

Democracies and human rights are undermined by governments that attempt to curtail press freedom and prosecute journalists for carrying out their duties. Additionally, they are not upholding their adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which acknowledges press freedom as a fundamental right.

The crucial role that journalists play in educating the public and keeping those in positions of authority responsible must be acknowledged by governments. Journalists ought to be able to work freely without worrying about retaliation or damage.

Governments all throughout the world are obligated to protect journalistic freedom. It is important to uphold press freedom and defend reporters who are merely carrying out their duties. Governments must protect this fundamental right because promoting press freedom is crucial to democracy and human rights.


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