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Why Russia Cannot Win the War in Ukraine

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has drawn attention and concern from around the world. The recent observations made by military experts, who have been closely following the situation, provided light on the difficulties Russia would confront in this battle.

Lack of a Clear Strategy

The lack of a clear plan for winning in Ukraine is one of the most important problems hindering Russia's efforts. Rather than obtaining a clear triumph, Russia's present strategy seems to be more focused on prolonging the conflict and making it expensive for Ukraine and the West. The ability of Russia to accomplish its objectives is questioned by this lack of strategic clarity.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has moved into a pivotal stage. Ukrainian forces have been pushing towards Russian defence lines as they advance gradually. But Russia's capacity to repel this assault is eroding, and its strategic stores are running low. Russia could find itself in a difficult scenario if Ukrainian forces are able to maintain their pace.

As the fight goes on, Russia's resource limitations are more and more obvious. Russia's logistical capabilities are under pressure as a result of the Ukrainian military's capacity to respond and adapt to the changing scenario. In the upcoming months, this restriction can worsen, making it challenging for Russia to continue its military operations.

Western nations have helped Ukraine in some ways, but the timing of this support has not been optimum. It might have made a bigger difference if essential supplies and equipment had been made available earlier in the conflict. The Western backing may not be sufficient at this time to shift the balance decisively in Ukraine's favour.

Wear and Attrition

Both sides have suffered as a result of the protracted struggle, which has resulted in attrition and wear on their military capacities. The scenario is expected to enter a protracted attritional phase as winter draws near. The odds of Russia winning decisively may be significantly diminished if this time period mirrors the difficulties encountered last winter.

The absence of offensive potential in Russia is maybe one of the most important reasons. Russia's forces are finding it difficult to annex more Ukrainian land despite their superior military power. This casts doubt on Russia's capacity to accomplish even the most basic combat objectives, including seizing the Donbas region.

The world will continue to closely monitor the conflict as it continues, but Russia's path to success appears to be paved with difficulties that could ultimately make it an impossible task.


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