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US Needs Non-Military Strategies to Cope with China

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

To prevent any potential military conflict between the two superpowers, cooperation between the United States and China is crucial.

The US has long been regarded as having the greatest economy in the world, but China has overtaken it in terms of purchasing power parity and is expected to grow by about 40% by 2028. China has also emerged as a rival militarily and politically, and the economic disparity is widening quickly.

Many US politicians want to fight and contain China, but cooperation is the more sensible course of action given the interdependence of the two economies and China's rising influence.

China's economic output in terms of auto manufacturing, steel production, electricity use, internet users, and foreign direct investment greatly outpaces that of the United States, even though the US continues to have greater per-person wealth.

In addition, China is a world leader in the development and application of solar, wind, and electric vehicle technology. Because of the country's enormous influence on the global economy, it is obvious that the United States can only find methods to cooperate with China rather than compete with it.

Some individuals and think tanks may think that a confrontational strategy is required to isolate China and use military force on the ground, as was done with the Soviet Union. However, compared to the Soviet Union, China has a much greater economic integration.

Moreover, it is uncertain whether a confrontational strategy will succeed given the nation's rising economic power. The U.S. must instead find methods to cooperate with China to preserve their mutual prosperity.

There are numerous ways to cooperate. For instance, the US and China may cooperate to fight climate change, which poses a threat to both nations. The two nations might also collaborate to address problems relating to cybersecurity, which is a subject of increasing concern on a worldwide scale. Additionally, the US and China might cooperate to make sure that the rules governing the global economy are just and open.

At any rate, it is necessary for the US to find methods to cooperate with China in order to avert any future military conflict between the two countries. A confrontational strategy is unlikely to be effective in light of China's expanding economic and military might. In order to secure prosperity for both countries and address global concerns, the US is better off finding ways to work with China on many fronts.


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