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Ukraine War: Russian Forces Scavenge in the Jaws of Destiny

Updated: May 13, 2023

The war between Russia and Ukraine has significantly escalated in recent weeks as a result of NATO nations like the UK giving Ukraine longer-range weaponry. Although the Russian leadership has promised to react to these events, it is crucial to remember that Russia may inevitably lose the conflict in Ukraine.

Following a fresh Ukrainian offensive, Moscow announced on May 10 that its men has retreated north of the Ukrainian battleground city of Bakhmut, in what the commander of Russia's Wagner private army dubbed a rout.

The Russian defeat, which comes after similar claims of Ukrainian gains south of the city, points to a coordinated effort by Kiev to encircle Russian soldiers in Bakhmut, which had been Moscow's major target for months throughout the deadliest fighting of the war.

Russia is already stretched too thin, which is one of the key reasons why it will probably lose the battle in other territories. Along with its engagement in the crisis, Russia is also taking part in the crises in Syria and Libya and is subject to Western economic sanctions. As a result, Russia's military capabilities are depleted, making it challenging to maintain a protracted battle in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the world community has denounced Russia's actions. Many Western nations have denounced Russia's support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine and the takeover of cities and towns in Crimea as violations of international law. Economic sanctions have been imposed on Russia as a result, significantly impacting its economy. As long as Russia continues to aggress Ukraine, these sanctions are unlikely to be withdrawn, thus eroding Russia's position in the conflict.

Compared to NATO members, Russia's military capabilities are less sophisticated. One illustration of how NATO is strengthening its support for Kiev is the UK's donation of longer-range weapons to Ukraine. This makes it more difficult for Russia to pursue its war goals since Ukraine will be better able to defend itself against Russian attacks.

Along with military reasons, political and economic factors also contribute to the likelihood of Russia losing the Ukraine war. Public discontent with the administration as a result of its failure to handle the nation's economic problems has increased. Due to Russia's actions in Ukraine, it is now isolated from the rest of the world, which makes it more challenging for the nation to draw in foreign investment and grow its economy.

It is important to recognise the political strength of the Ukrainian government and its Western partners. As long as Russia continues to aggress against Ukraine, NATO backing is likely to persist. The Ukrainian government has shown a willingness to resist Russian aggression. These indications point to the readiness of Ukraine and its Western backers to prolong the conflict in order to defeat Russia.

The contemporary history is depleted with humiliating defeats of superpower aggressors and Russia is no exception. Russia's military capabilities are not as advanced as those of the NATO nations, and it already faces economic sanctions. The conflict has significantly impacted Russia's economy and tarnished its image abroad. The political commitment of the Ukrainian government and its Western backers suggests that the war will probably go on until Russia is fully pushed back from all occupied territories.


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