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Ukraine War: Military Casualty Figures Are Not Fair Game

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Leaked records regarding the current conflict in Ukraine have just been made public. These documents reveal details regarding the actual state of the conflict, which has been misrepresented by the media. These documents show that the conflict is not going well for either side and is likely to last into 2023, rather than becoming depoliticized.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are also dying as a result of the agenda to keep the war going, and their nation is being destroyed. The stolen documents offer internal US military intelligence evaluations of losses on both sides, despite the fact that all parties to the conflict have considered military casualty figures as fair game for propaganda.

Although the numbers in these documents are contradictory, it is probable that the propaganda campaign will go on despite the release. There may have been close to 100,000 casualties overall, including killed and injured, on both sides of the conflict.

Internal US military intelligence assessments of casualties on both sides are included in the stolen documents. Contradictory numbers are displayed in various documents and reproductions of the documents that are available online.

Despite the Pentagon's denials, a document that claims there have been more deaths on the Ukrainian side may be accurate given that it has been widely reported that Russia has been using more artillery than Ukraine in a bloody battle of attrition where artillery appears to be the primary weapon of death.

Because of the ongoing propaganda campaign surrounding the conflict in Ukraine, all parties now view military mortality statistics as fair game, routinely overstating enemy deaths while understating their own. Public US assessments have backed the notion that a lot more Russians are being killed than Ukrainians, deliberately skewing public perceptions to support the notion that Ukraine can somehow win the war, as long as they just keep sending more weapons.

The ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has significant flaws on both sides, according to leaked papers, and is expected to be a protracted attrition campaign with very minor territorial gains. Since the combat in Bakhmut has continued for months, thousands of soldiers have died on both sides, and Russia still does not entirely control the burned-out city.

The corruption, lies, and distortions web becomes more and more dismantled as the battle drags on. A generation of young Ukrainians are being killed in an unwinnable conflict as a result of the torpedoing of peace negotiations. The sabotage of Nord Stream, the concealment of corruption, the politicisation of casualty figures, the history of broken promises, and early warnings about the danger of NATO expansion have all been suppressed.

These are just a few examples of how important it is to end the crisis before more troops are killed on both sides of the conflict. The international community must intervene to stop the conflict because the situation in Ukraine is frightening. Innocent bystanders are being caught in the crossfire as a result of the conflict's excessive human cost. Millions of people have been displaced as a result of the fighting, and many more are unable to acquire basic essentials like food and shelter.

It is the duty of the international community to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine and establish peace in the area. Increased diplomatic efforts are required, and all parties concerned must be open to discussion and negotiation. It is time for a new strategy because the 2015 Minsk II Agreement did not succeed in putting an end to the war.


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