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The Unconquerable Ukraine: Why Russia Can Never Win the War

It is clear that Russia's hopes of winning a conventional military triumph are dwindling as the crisis in Ukraine goes on. Recent battlefield defeats and Ukrainian troops' actions have made Russia re-evaluate its strategy.

Former MI6 intelligence officer Christopher Steele says Russia appears to be turning to unconventional means of establishing its control. He notes that Russia has all but given up on the concept of winning the war in Ukraine through conventional means. Russian troops have been constantly humiliated by the Ukrainian military' intensifying counterattacks and resistance. Russia is now looking into additional ways to influence the region as a result of this realisation.

Russia has turned to economic pressure against Ukraine because a military victory appears to be out of reach. Russia plans to sabotage Ukraine's crucial grain trade by attacking significant Ukrainian ports like Remi and Izmail, which have grain storage facilities. Furthermore, the frequent night-time airstrikes on the port of Odesa have evolved into an assault on free trade and an effort to undermine the world economy.

Due to its significance in the global grain trade, Odesa, sometimes known as the "Pearl of the Black Sea," has been a major target for Russia. This deliberate targeting, though, has brought the city together in opposition. Odesa's mayor, Hennadii Trukhanov, vehemently voiced the city's anger and resistance to Russia's invasion despite its historical links to that country. The region's military goals for Russia are significantly hampered by this sense of cohesion and resilience.

Russia has failed to achieve its initial objectives in Ukraine. The morale of Russian troops has been affected, and signs of discontent within the Russian high command have surfaced. In contrast, Ukraine's unity and determination have remained strong, bolstering their defense efforts.

Several nations have provided Ukraine with large amounts of military help, with the UK alone offering £4.6 billion in military aid as well as extra economic and humanitarian support. This assistance makes Ukraine's resistance to Russian aggression stronger and ensures the continuation of their defensive operations.

Ukraine's military has taken the offensive approach against the Russian invasion. This proactive stance has shown significant determination and resilience, resulting in counterattacks that have impacted Russian military bases.

The fact that Russia relies on drones produced for its operations against Kiev shows a trend towards using unorthodox tactics. However, Ukrainian forces have replied with their own measures, including the targeting of Russian military assets, so this change in strategy might not be enough to win.

Traditional military wins are becoming harder to achieve, especially when up against a resolute and durable foe like Ukraine, as the modern history of war has demonstrated. Russia's switch to unconventional tactics and economic targeting shows that it is aware of the obstacles in the way of a complete victory in the conflict.

Russia's efforts to defeat Ukraine militarily are likely to be ineffective as long as the country remains united, receives assistance from other countries, and resists the invasion. Military force alone no longer assures victory in the fight, and Russia may need to reconsider how it is going about the war in Ukraine.


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