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The Scramble to Arm Russia and Ukraine Is Disturbing

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

In recent months, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has gotten worse as both sides have stepped up their military preparations. The scramble to arm both Russia and Ukraine as nations compete to support their preferred side in the crisis is one of the most worrying aspects in this conflict.

Concerns about the conflict's potential to escalate have been heightened by the race around the world to arm both Russia and Ukraine. It doesn’t take a strategic mind to realise that the increased military support for both sides may spark a larger battle including other nations in the region.

Concerns exist regarding the conflict's potential long-term implications on international security. Relations between Russia and Western nations have already been strained by the conflict, and the rise in military assistance may make matters worse.

Reaching out to recipient nations has been made necessary by the problems Russia's defence sector has faced since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Above all, the continued, huge shipments of weaponry that are helping to shape the situation in Ukraine have raised the profiles of important global arms companies, strengthening one of the most unsettling features of war - profiteering.

The importance of being able to manufacture weapons domestically and inexpensively is being further highlighted by the conflict in Ukraine. Manufacturers of weapons must be cautious lest their exports be used one day against them. In the eyes of the public, exporters of weapons are also increasingly considered as accountable for how their customers utilise their goods.

In recent years, the US has come under fire for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which has been accused of violating human rights and waging war in Yemen. Despite allegations that Western weaponry are being smuggled out of Ukraine have often been dismissed, there is concern that many of the weapons sent to the Ukrainian military have or will end up on the black market.

De-escalating tensions between the two nations will be aided by stopping the shipment of weapons to Russia and Ukraine. Geopolitical tensions have been the main cause of the conflict, and the proliferation of weapons has only made things worse. The international community can let Russia and Ukraine know that the crisis cannot be settled militarily by stopping the export of weaponry.

Stopping the export of weaponry to the region can support larger initiatives to advance world peace and stability. The current crisis in Ukraine is not just a local problem; it also has significant effects on global security. The conflict could be exacerbated by the distribution of arms in other parts of the world.


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