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The Agenda Behind China, Russia Strengthening Ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to China has underscored the increasingly close partnership between Moscow and Beijing.


China and Russia share a 4,200-kilometer border and have become closer allies in recent years. China, led by President Xi Jinping, has offered robust diplomatic support to Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine. Russia, in turn, relies on China as a crucial source of high-tech imports to sustain its military capabilities.


Putin’s visit to Beijing was a show of unity between the two nations, emphasizing their burgeoning strategic ties. China has emerged as a top export market for Russian oil and gas, bolstering the Kremlin’s financial resources. Both countries oppose the US-led democratic order, and their shared worldview challenges Western supremacy.


Putin chose China for his first foreign trip after being sworn in for a six-year term. This decision sends a clear message about his priorities and the strength of his personal ties with Xi Jinping.

By visiting China, Putin highlighted the “no limits” partnership declared between the two nations in February 2022. Despite geopolitical tensions, their cooperation is seen as a stabilizing factor. Relations between Russia and China are not opportunistic or directed against any other country.


During Putin’s visit, the leaders formally signed a statement deepening their strategic relationship. Both sides agreed that a political settlement to the Ukraine crisis was the right direction. Putin and Xi share a broad perspective that casts the West as decadent and declining.

China challenges US supremacy across various domains, from technology to military power. After meeting Xi, Putin emphasized their commitment to a multi-polar world without closed alliances in Asia.


Putin’s visit to Beijing has reinforced the hard-earned China-Russia relationship. As the United States views China as its biggest competitor and Russia as a significant nation-state threat, the strategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing will continue to evolve. Their joint efforts signal an alternative to the existing global order, emphasizing mutual interests and cooperation.


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