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Is Russia Sliding into International Isolation?

The likelihood of Russia becoming isolated internationally is rising as Ukraine pursues its application to join NATO.

At the most recent NATO meeting in Vilnius, it was made clear that the alliance would welcome Kyiv if democratic reforms had been put in place. If Ukraine joined NATO, Putin would lose his diminishing number of allies since no one would risk losing access to Western markets to stand by Russia. The prospective effects of Ukraine joining NATO on Russia's allies and Putin's standing on the global arena are examined in this article.

If Ukraine joins NATO, Russia's allies would desert their country. Partners who assist Russia would be discouraged by the possibility of losing access to Western banking systems and defence ties. Additionally, non-Western nations who have bolstered their relationships with Russia may be obliged to distance themselves in order to maintain their ties to the West if all NATO members prioritise Ukraine's security and see Russia as an existential danger.

Moscow is not prepared to engage in a direct battle with NATO, in contrast to Russia's vehement rhetoric. Even with Belarus as an ally, the military might of the entire NATO alliance would be substantially superior to that of Russia. Cooperation among NATO nations might obstruct Russia's access to its nuclear arsenal and stop nuclear threats from materialising. The possible repercussions of a concerted NATO operation would encourage Russia to look for a diplomatic solution rather than escalating tensions.

There have been questions raised about using Article V of the NATO Treaty, which requires signatories to defend an attacked partner. Article V leaves latitude for a tactical reaction that reduces danger while destroying Russian positions because it does not specify the kind of military support necessary. The actual danger comes from conventional warfare and the potential for Russia to escalate the fight by using mercenaries, terrorist organisations, and state actors.

The significance of Ukraine joining NATO goes beyond what will happen to Russia right away. Europe cannot afford to let an authoritarian government like Russia set its own security policies. European nations can defend their ideals and safeguard their interests from an authoritarian dictatorship by putting up a united front and backing Ukraine. President Biden's support for Ukraine during the NATO summit demonstrated the US's and its partners' resolve to defending Kyiv from Russian aggression.


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