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Russia's Failed Objective: Subduing Ukraine

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Numerous human rights abuses, murders, and a serious humanitarian crisis have been the results of the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is being exacerbated by Russia's invasion. The importance of stopping Russia from winning this conflict and getting away with its aggressive measures must be understood by the entire community.

Russia's goal is crystal clear: to conquer Ukraine and increase its power. Russia will exploit any disputed region as a launching pad for future development, even if it does not completely conquer it, as was evident following the Minsk agreements in 2014 and 2015.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is most concerned with avoiding a humiliating loss on the battlefield. For the purpose of bolstering its propaganda campaign and igniting public demands for more aggression against Ukraine, Russia must provide the appearance that it has achieved military success. As seen in its strategy during the fight in Chechnya, Russia seeks to consolidate authority, undermine democratic institutions, and appease hostile regions by upholding the narrative of success.

A cohesive Western stance towards Putin is essential to thwart Russia's aggression and aid Ukraine's fight for triumph. To give Ukraine the material backing required to win a resounding victory on the battlefield, a unified front is vital. Western nations may aid Ukraine in destroying Russia's occupying forces and putting an end to the conflict by banding together against Putin.

The availability of cutting-edge weapons such as portable missile systems and highly mobile artillery rocket launchers has greatly increased Ukraine's possibilities of defeating Russia with ease. Military triumphs may also trigger domestic political changes in Russia, possibly leading to the overthrow of the Putin government. The idea of a post-Putin Russia that is less anti-Western and less of a threat to Ukraine and the transatlantic community might be created by a popular Russian military leader who experiences defeats on the battlefield.

Although there are concerns about the unknown and potential hazards in a post-Putin Russia, extending the conflict by denying Ukraine the required military support just increases expenses and causes more pain for people. In order to escape this vicious cycle, Ukraine must acquire the necessary armaments and assurances from its Western allies that the post-Putin Russian authorities will have Ukraine's approval.

Making concessions to Russia or agreeing to an armistice without solid security assurances would simply serve to prolong the conflict and open the door for more Russian aggression. To protect its citizens and safeguard its borders, Ukraine is looking for military aid. While there are still questions, it is important to support Ukraine's efforts to uphold freedom and democracy in order to stop further aggression and defend the transatlantic community's principles.


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