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On UN Vote in Favor of Palestinian Membership

The United Nations General Assembly recently took a significant step by voting overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution that recognizes Palestine as qualified to join the UN. This historic decision has implications for both the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the international community.


The General Assembly voted 143-9-25 in favor of granting full membership status to Palestine. This vote signifies broad support for Palestine’s inclusion in the UN. While the General Assembly can recommend membership, the final decision lies with the UN Security Council (UNSC). The UNSC is composed of five permanent members - namely, the US, UK, France, China, and Russia - each with veto power over resolutions.


The US, along with a handful of allies, objected to the resolution. Washington’s longstanding position is that Palestinian membership should be achieved through negotiations with Israel. The resolution grants Palestine the right to speak on all issues, propose agenda items, participate in debates, and be elected to committees. However, voting rights remain subject to UNSC approval.


The vote represents a positive development for Palestinians, recognizing their aspirations for statehood and equal participation in international forums. The US has consistently opposed Palestinian membership without Israel’s approval. However, the General Assembly’s decision may not alter Washington’s position significantly.


The UNSC remains the ultimate gatekeeper for full membership. Washington’s veto power could still prevent Palestine from achieving this status. Several European countries are reportedly planning to recognize a Palestinian state. Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, and Malta are among those considering such recognition.


Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, responded passionately to the vote. He compared Palestinians to Hitler and Nazis and dramatically shredded a copy of the UN Charter. His actions reflect the intense emotions surrounding this issue.


As things stand, the General Assembly’s vote in favor of Palestinian membership is a significant milestone. While challenges remain, it underscores the international community’s recognition of Palestine’s rights and aspirations. The path forward will require further diplomatic efforts and engagement with the UNSC.



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