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On Biden’s State of the Union Speech

US President Joe Biden recently gave an impassioned State of the Union address in which he outlined his vision for the future of America and strongly criticised his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. Biden touched on a number of topics, including the pressing need to resolve the current conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. To put an end to these crises, Biden must, however, turn his words into deeds as the entire world watches.


In his remarks, Biden reaffirmed his dedication to peacemaking and diplomacy, especially in crisis areas like Gaza and the Ukraine. His emphasis on securing an instant ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants demonstrated his commitment to finding a solution to the conflict that has afflicted the area for far too long. Furthermore, Biden called on Congress to increase money for Ukraine's defence and reiterated his support for the nation in its fight against Russian aggression.


Though there is some promise in Biden's remarks, real change cannot be achieved until there are accompanying concrete steps. Speech alone will not end the problems in Gaza and Ukraine; bold action and diplomatic endeavours are needed to address the underlying issues and promote peace talks.


Primarily, Biden needs to utilise the entire diplomatic power of the US to mediate a resolution to the crises in Gaza and Ukraine. To defuse tensions and promote talks, this entails interacting with important parties like Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Russia. To coordinate efforts and offer humanitarian aid to individuals impacted by the conflicts, the US should also collaborate closely with other nations and organisations, such as the European Union and the United Nations.


Furthermore, Biden needs to put diplomatic measures ahead of military ones. Although there may be a strong desire to increase military involvement, history has demonstrated that doing so frequently exacerbates wars and causes more suffering for civilians. Rather, Biden ought to concentrate on diplomatic endeavours, efforts to foster confidence, and multilateral negotiations to achieve lasting peace in Ukraine and Gaza.


Biden also needs to bring those responsible for the bloodshed and violations of human rights in Gaza and the Ukraine accountable. This entails denouncing acts of aggression, assisting impartial inquiries into abuses of human rights, and promoting international accountability systems. Biden may make it very evident that justice is necessary for a lasting peace and that impunity will not be allowed by bringing those responsible accountable.


It is both morally and strategically required of Biden, as the head of the free world, to guide the international community in resolving these challenges and advancing stability and peace in the area. It's time for Biden to show fearless leadership and an unflinching dedication to putting an end to the suffering of millions of people in Gaza and the Ukraine. It is only at that point that we can genuinely declare that peace has been attained and that words have become deeds.



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