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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Could Fuel Political, Economic Upheaval

The entire world community, not just those in the Middle East, should be concerned about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza. Attacks against US outposts in Syria and Iraq are among the recent events that demonstrate the conflict's potentially wide-ranging effects.

The Israel-Gaza confrontation is clearly intensifying and has the potential to get out of control, as evidenced by the ongoing violence in the West Bank and the strikes on US sites in Syria and Iraq. Attacks on US personnel in the area have persisted since the US began airstrikes in eastern Syria. There is a genuine chance that this tumultuous scenario could escalate into a larger confrontation.

Although the US has accused Iran of being behind the attacks on its bases, there isn't any hard proof to support this claim. Attacks being attributed to Iran raises concerns because it can have unforeseen repercussions. The fact that the US has not named a particular organization as the cause of these assaults emphasizes how complicated the situation is and how miscommunications could lead to a more serious confrontation.

There have been rekindled talks about previous preparations to go to war with Iran as a result of the current turmoil. Since 2003, the US has prepared strategies in case of an impending confrontation with Iran. The current calls to attack Iran and allusions to "Israel's 9/11" are disturbing and have the potential to spark a larger regional conflict.

Throughout this crisis, the US has shown its steadfast support for Israel. In international relations, backing an ally is customary, but the degree of this support carries a risk. Israel has been promised "ironclad support" by the US, which might have serious repercussions, such as increased military aid and the potential for a debt crisis in the US.

Much to the commodity volatility that followed the proxy war in Ukraine, the Israel-Gaza conflict has the potential to upend the world's energy markets. The last thing we need in a world already beset by economic instability is more unjustified geopolitical tensions that have the potential to fuel both political and economic upheaval.


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