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Is US About to Enter Into Another Forever War?

The question of whether the United States is headed towards yet another never-ending war in the Middle East looms big in the wake of recent confrontations and escalations in the region. The past several months have shown a very bad image, with tensions at an all-time high and the threat of a wider regional conflict looming large.


Three American service men were killed by a drone strike, which was carried out by militias supported by Iran that were stationed in Syria and Iraq. At a time when protracted hostilities already engulf the Middle East, President Biden's threat of further reprisal runs the risk of escalating disorder in the area.


The Middle East is a volatile region just waiting to blow up. However, relying solely on military force is not the answer. The region's political impasses are unsolvable by force, and there are serious repercussions when this fact is disregarded.


The crux of these confrontations is Israel's unrelenting onslaught in Gaza, which has the unflinching backing of the US. Following a terror attack by Hamas, Israel launched a recent offensive into Gaza that has left thousands of people dead, the majority of them civilians, and an enormous humanitarian disaster that is playing out in front of our eyes.


So far, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's goal of using force to "destroy Hamas" has not worked. Even with heavy losses and destruction to infrastructure, Hamas is still very much in place, and there is little chance that it will ever completely disappear. Furthermore, Israel's military assault has done nothing but fan the fires of regional unrest.


The likelihood of an Israeli-Hezbollah war in Lebanon is increasing daily. Both sides are suffering increasing numbers of casualties as airstrikes and artillery fire have become routine. There is no chance for a long-lasting settlement because this conflict lacks defined political goals, just like Gaza.


In the meantime, the US has increased its military presence in the region and has launched attacks in Syria and Iraq against organisations supported by Iran. However, the deterrence and regional stability that these efforts were meant to produce have not materialised. Instead, in the absence of a clear plan, they have simply increased hostilities and encouraged more retribution, endangering American life.


The situation is as dire in Yemen, where Israel's operations in Gaza have prompted the Houthi movement to initiate attacks against commercial shipping in the Red Sea. The military response by the United States only serves to jeopardise already precarious peace attempts in the area and prolong the humanitarian disaster in Yemen.


There has never been a greater pressing need for a ceasefire in Gaza amid this disarray. Not only would it stop more innocent people from dying, but it might also be a vital step in defusing tensions in the area. However, all countries involved must work together to bring about a truce.


It's time to re-evaluate Washington’s Middle East strategy from the ground up. In the long term, endless wars with no discernible political goal serve no one's interests and simply increase pain and bloodshed. The US needs to stop pursuing haphazard military actions in the region and instead focus on diplomatic means of resolving disputes.


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