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Is It Essential for West to Back Ukraine Against Russia?

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the conflict has evolved into a protracted struggle, defying initial expectations of a swift Russian victory. Despite Russia's overwhelming military superiority in terms of population, GDP, and military resources, Ukraine has managed to maintain control over approximately 80% of its territory, effectively stalling Russia's expansionist ambitions.


Russian President Vladimir Putin's miscalculation regarding the ease of conquest, coupled with Western economic sanctions and military support for Ukraine, has thwarted his aggressive agenda. However, there are growing concerns about the sustainability of Ukraine's defense capabilities and the increasing challenges it faces on the battlefield.


Russia's resilience in the face of economic sanctions and its ability to circumvent Western restrictions highlight the need for a comprehensive strategy to counter Russian aggression effectively. Despite significant human and economic costs, Russia shows no signs of exhaustion, with Putin's control of the media enabling the Kremlin to minimize dissent and portray Russia as a victim rather than an aggressor.


In light of these developments, it is imperative for Ukraine's Western allies to step up their support and fill the void to provide additional military aid. Europe has already pledged substantial economic assistance to Ukraine, but coordinated efforts are needed to ensure the provision of arms and ammunition essential for Ukraine's defense.


Additionally, efforts to bolster Ukraine's arms industry and reduce its dependency on external support are crucial for long-term sustainability. Adopting a defensive military strategy focused on protecting the territory Ukraine currently controls is both feasible and essential, given the unlikelihood of military liberation of Russian-occupied areas in the short term.


Looking ahead, the outcome of the US presidential and congressional elections in November will have significant implications for Ukraine's future. A re-elected President Biden, coupled with a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, could pave the way for renewed US economic and military aid to Ukraine, sending a strong signal of Western solidarity and deterring further Russian aggression.


Conversely, a different electoral outcome, such as the return of former President Trump and continued Republican control of the House, could pose significant challenges for Ukraine's security and embolden Putin's aggressive ambitions. In such a scenario, the burden of Ukraine's defense would fall even more heavily on its European and Asian allies.


The stakes could not be higher for Ukraine, Europe, and the international community. Failure to meet obligations and uphold international law in the face of Russian aggression would set a dangerous precedent with far-reaching implications for global security. As the world watches closely, the need for continued Western support in Ukraine's struggle against Russia has never been more urgent.



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