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How to Achieve Lasting Peace in Ukraine

There has been a great deal of misery and death as a result of the war in Ukraine. In order to put an end to the violence and pave the road for a successful future for all Ukrainians, it is crucial to give priority to peaceful dialogue.

An early and thorough ceasefire would be the first step towards bringing about peace in Ukraine. All parties concerned must agree to suspend military activities, evacuate their troops from the area of hostilities, and end all hostilities. A stable ceasefire must be established in order to foster a climate that supports peaceful dialogue.

-It is essential to stop the flow of foreign arms and ammunition to both Russia and Ukraine in order to foster trust and lessen the possibility of a further escalation. This action will assist in preventing outside parties from fuelling the conflict. Establishing strict international oversight and monitoring systems is necessary to guarantee adherence to the supply restriction on weapons and ammunition.

-Any peace plan must include a commitment from the Russian armed forces to withdraw completely and unconditionally from Ukrainian territory. The "zero option" put forth calls for the withdrawal from the areas that the Russian armed forces have controlled since February 1, 2014. The conditions for long-term stability will be established by this withdrawal, which will restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

-The United Nations and its peacekeeping forces should be temporarily stationed in the areas that the Russian armed forces have evacuated in order to promote a seamless and orderly transition. UN peacekeepers will contribute to preserving security, safeguarding citizens, and ensuring adherence to the conditions of the peace deal. A neutral setting for discussion and peace-making will be provided by the presence of impartial multinational forces.

-Participants in peace talks should come from all relevant parties, including the separatist organisations, the Ukrainian government, and international mediators. Transparency in the negotiating process is necessary to ensure that all parties' concerns are heard and taken into account. Finding mutually agreeable measures that will further unification and reconciliation, especially those involving political, economic, and cultural reforms, should be the main goal.

A path to enduring peace can be formed by adhering to the proposed peace plan, which calls for an end to hostilities, a halt to the flow of foreign weaponry, the withdrawal of the Russian Armed personnel, and the deployment of UN peacekeeping personnel.

A thorough negotiation process will pave the road for a united, prosperous, and inclusive Ukraine by addressing the underlying complaints and desires of all stakeholders. In order to help the area regain its peace and stability, the international community must support these initiatives.


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