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How Russia Positioned Itself for Failure in Ukraine Conflict

There is scant evidence to support Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's claim that the West wants to rule and overthrow Moscow in the Ukraine crisis.

In an interview with an Indonesian newspaper, Lavrov asserted that the West intended to continue its hegemony over Russia while handing it a geopolitical loss. This claim, however, seems to be an effort to divert attention away from Russia's own activities and disrespect for diplomatic solutions. Under the guise of denazifying their neighbour, Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

However, Kyiv and its supporters have generally rejected this flimsy excuse for military action as a land grab. Strong international condemnation and economic penalties have followed Russia's incursion, severely isolating Moscow on the international stage.

Recent rumours of Russia using kamikaze drones to attack Kiev underline their combative stance. These strikes, which took place just before President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was supposed to meet with NATO leaders, show that Russia has no regard for diplomatic efforts and wants to raise tensions. Any argument that the West is purposefully drawing Russia into the fight is refuted by such provocative acts.

The West has stated a desire to assist Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia, in contrast to Lavrov's claim. In order to improve Ukraine's defence capabilities, Western powers have made major military contributions, including new weapons and ammunition. The international community has acknowledged Ukraine's right to defend itself against Russian aggression by this assistance.

The claim made by Lavrov that Kyiv disregarded Indonesia's peace offer is false. The plan, which included a suggestion for a demilitarised zone, was rejected by the Ukrainian government because it neglected to address the issue that was at the heart of the conflict - the presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory. By rejecting peace proposals and advocating its own "package of ultimatums," Russia has further shown that it is reluctant to engage in substantive negotiations.

The assertions made by Russia that the West's quest for dominance and strategic defeat led it into the Ukraine conflict are incorrect. Instead, by rejecting peaceful solutions and engaging in violent acts like the invasion and kamikaze drone attacks, Russia has weakened its own position.

Moscow's claims are further debunked by the West's backing of Ukraine and condemnation of its activities. Instead of blaming the West for the war, Russia should put more emphasis on diplomatic efforts and engage in sincere negotiations if it sincerely wants to see it end. In the end, Russia's own actions have positioned them for failure in the Ukraine conflict.


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