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Global Peace Summit on Ukraine

The Global Peace Summit will take place at the picturesque Bürgenstock resort near Lucerne, Switzerland. Scheduled for June 15-16, 2024, the summit aims to align an international strategy for achieving just peace in Ukraine.


Finalized in winter 2023, this summit will be the first global forum focusing on Ukraine's peace process. Over 160 delegations have been invited, representing a diverse array of global stakeholders, including the G7, G20, BRICS, the European Union, and the OSCE. Confirmations have come from about 90 countries, ensuring high-level representation from key global players. Notably, Russia has not been invited.


The summit will focus on three critical areas: energy and nuclear security, freedom of navigation, and the exchange of prisoners, including the return of deported children. The objective is to develop a comprehensive plan that can engage Russia in the peace process despite its current stance.


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has emphasized the importance of US President Joe Biden's attendance. The US has been a steadfast ally to Ukraine, providing substantial military and humanitarian support since the onset of the conflict. China's participation is equally crucial. President Xi Jinping's involvement could pressure Moscow to engage in meaningful negotiations.


The absence of President Biden and President Xi could undermine the summit's effectiveness. Their presence would lend significant weight to the proceedings and signal a united international front committed to resolving the conflict. Without their participation, the summit might lack the necessary clout to influence Russia and could be perceived as less impactful on the global stage.


For the US, not participating could be seen as prioritizing domestic political concerns over international peace efforts. This could play into the narrative and weaken the collective resolve against Russian aggression. For China, staying on the sidelines might preserve its stance of neutrality, but it risks missing an opportunity to shape the peace process and assert its influence in global diplomacy.


While the summit is not expected to yield an immediate resolution to the conflict, it aims to strengthen Ukraine's negotiating position and demonstrate global support for an alternative to Putin's aggressive tactics. A joint communiqué on energy security, freedom of navigation, and prisoner exchanges would mark a significant diplomatic achievement.


The summit also seeks to legitimize the negotiation process among Ukrainians and the global community. By involving as many countries as possible, the summit aims to create a broad-based support network that can facilitate future peace talks and strategies.


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