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Gaza Invasion: A Quagmire Israel Must Steer Clear of

US officials expect Israel to launch a ground incursion into Gaza soon, and the Biden administration is providing full support, including new military aid and the deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group to the region as a show of force.

Tel Aviv has announced a “complete siege” on Gaza and says Israeli forces are fighting “human animals” as airstrikes have been bombarding the enclave, which is home to about one million children. Also, Hamas has warned it would start executing Israeli captives it has taken into Gaza if Israel does not stop its airstrikes.

Significant numbers of lives have already been lost on both sides of the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. It is deeply concerning when civilian lives are tragically lost, especially those of women and children, and this should serve as a sharp reminder of the human cost of armed combat.

Gaza has over 2 million residents and has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007, and has come under frequent Israeli bombings since then, leaving the people living in the enclave in a dire situation. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth, meaning a full-scale Israeli invasion will incur substantial civilian casualties.

An invasion would probably result in massive evictions, the devastation of infrastructure, and a worsening lack of basic services. The people of Gaza shouldn't have to face further suffering as a result of military action given the extreme hardship they have already experienced.

Military operations in the Gaza Strip have a history of devolving into protracted wars with no apparent end in sight. Any military force will find it challenging to win a clear victory without spending a lot of money due to the crowded urban setting, the tenacity of the Palestinian factions, and the fact that Hamas presently has numerous Israeli hostages, both military people and civilians.

There is a genuine danger of becoming mired in a protracted quagmire as US authorities anticipate Israel to undertake a ground assault. Such disputes have the potential to put a strain on Israel's resources, its relations with other countries, and its security status, which would increase regional instability.

Finding a peaceful resolution that deals with the root causes of the conflict and assures the security and well-being of everyone impacted by this ongoing tragedy is in the best interests of all parties.


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