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Fact or Fiction: Supporting Ukraine Enhances US National Security

As debates unfold within the US political landscape regarding the extension of support to Ukraine, the question of its impact on US national security looms large. Some Republican members of Congress, while ostensibly supportive of Ukraine, have linked the issue to unrelated concerns about the US-Mexico border, raising questions about the priorities of one of the major political parties.


To understand the significance of supporting Ukraine in the current geopolitical context, a historical perspective can shed light on the intricacies of foreign policy decisions.


Following World War II, the US played a pivotal role in establishing the Marshall Plan, NATO, and other institutions that contributed to the liberal international order. The strategy proved successful in ushering in decades of relative peace and prosperity. However, there were historical mistakes, such as the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, where the U.S. misinterpreted geopolitical situations and engaged in costly military interventions.


In the context of supporting Ukraine, it’s important to highlight the importance of national security expenditures and draw attention to the relatively low cost of aid delivered to Ukraine compared to overall military spending. Since February 2022, the US has provided approximately $75 billion in aid to Ukraine, a substantial yet justifiable sum when considering the benefits of contributing to global stability and preventing future wars of aggression.


Indeed, supporting Ukraine differs from previous foreign-policy blunders, as Ukrainians support their democratically elected government and defend their country against invasion. Unlike the Iraq War, which is estimated to have cost $3 trillion and contributed nothing to US national security, aiding Ukraine aligns with principles of defending democracy and preventing the change of national borders by force.


Supporting Ukraine emerges as a critical foreign-policy priority for the US, not only to aid a nation under threat but also as a strategic investment in national security. By drawing on historical lessons and recognizing the unique circumstances surrounding the conflict, it’s not that hard to underscore the importance of maintaining global stability, defending democratic principles, and preventing future wars of aggression through targeted support for Ukraine.



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