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End the Yemen War: A Cry for Humanity

Millions of Yemeni civilians continue to live in misery as a result of the ongoing war in their country. A recent report highlights the unwavering commitment of dozens of US House Democrats, led by Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ro Khanna, urging President Joe Biden to support diplomatic progress in Yemen and declare an end to US military support for the Saudi-led coalition.

This is despite waning international attention. This call comes when there is some hope following a significant diplomatic achievement between the warring parties. It is critical that the world heeds this call to stop the conflict in Yemen and cease the unspeakable suffering endured by the Yemeni people.

Recent negotiations between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis in Sanaa represent a significant step towards a peaceful conclusion to the Yemen conflict. A complete peace accord, however, is still elusive. President Biden must officially and unequivocally affirm that the United States will not offer any kind of military assistance to either side in the crisis while talks are ongoing. This dedication would support diplomatic efforts and highlight the significance of establishing a lasting peace.

The absence of a formal peace accord creates opportunity for escalation, even if there have been no Saudi bombings in Yemen since March 2022 and no Houthi attacks inside Saudi Arabia. Should hostilities resume, House Democrats are prepared to draught legislation, such as an attack Powers Resolution, to address this potential threat and stop further US involvement in the Saudi attack on Yemen.

The removal of the blockade on Yemen is another urgent matter that needs to be addressed. Innocent Yemeni citizens have suffered greatly as a result of this blockade due to the disastrous effects of food and medicine shortages. The House Democrats rightfully demand that Vice President Biden declare publicly that the Saudi ban must be immediately lifted.

It is time for the United States to join the chorus of those calling for an end to this kind of collective punishment against innocent Yemenis, including members of the international community and humanitarian leaders.

Over 377,000 people have died in the conflict since the Saudi-led coalition started in Yemen in 2015 with full US support. Surprisingly, the embargo and the coalition's ruthless bombing campaign have directly contributed to more than half of these losses by causing malnutrition and disease. These horrifying numbers necessitate quick action to stop more casualties and ease Yemen's severe humanitarian catastrophe.

By doing this, the US government can open the door to a long-lasting peace accord, lift the blockade that has added to the pain of the Yemeni people, and give millions of people who have suffered for far too long a chance at hope. The world is paying attention and the moment to act is now.


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