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China's Peace Efforts: The Need for a Multipolar Approach

China has been actively involved in peace initiatives, such as the current efforts to end the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, Western animosity and contemptuous attitudes towards China's efforts at mediation are unproductive and ignore how the world is changing. To help create a more secure and peaceful global order, it is crucial to support China's efforts at peacekeeping and mediating disputes.

China's participation in conflict resolution shows both its expanding influence and its readiness to contribute positively to international affairs. China's 12-point plan for Ukraine demonstrates its dedication to putting an end to violence and upholding other countries' sovereignty. Despite the unfavourable reaction from Western officials, who saw China's attempts as little more than a diversion from its relations with Russia, this dismissive attitude ignores the potential benefits of Chinese mediation.

The conventional Western-centric approach to international diplomacy must be abandoned in light of the evolving global dynamics. It is crucial to acknowledge and welcome the advent of other big nations as mediators since that the United States no longer enjoys unchallenged global leadership.

The autonomous efforts of China and other nations to bring about peace have the ability to effect positive change and end wars that have remained unresolvable through conventional means, which is something that Western powers should recognise.

China's unwillingness to denounce the illegitimate invasion of Ukraine, according to critics, has diminished its credibility. However, it is crucial to distinguish the benefits of China's attempts at peace and mediation from geopolitical factors.

China's potential contributions to conflict resolution are undermined if it is ignored purely because of its geopolitical position. Furthermore, China has proven in the past that it is capable of bridging differences and promoting stability in the area through successful mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Western powers should take a more cooperative stance towards China's efforts rather than reacting hostilely and obstructively. Supporting and cooperating with China's peace and mediation efforts at the United Nations might improve diplomatic cooperation, thus increasing the likelihood that conflicts will be settled peacefully on a global scale.

The unipolar system in which the US was the sole superpower no longer exists. Promoting peace and stability depends on acknowledging this fact and the emergence of a multipolar world. Western nations should adjust to these developments and cooperate with China and other big powers to resolve international crises.


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