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China in Peace Process: A Turning Point in Ukraine Conflict

With Chinese President Xi Jinping recently voicing his support for peace talks during a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, China has gained attention as a potential mediator in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The two leaders spoke on the phone for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine last year. In the conversation, Xi emphasised Beijing's stance on the issue, saying that his country consistently supports peace and is dedicated to fostering negotiations for a peaceful resolution.

Chinese diplomats will travel to Ukraine and other countries in the region to have talks with all parties involved, the Chinese Foreign Ministry also announced. Since February, when Beijing unveiled a 12-point peace plan for the crisis, China has been working to put an end to the fighting in Ukraine.

The White House has hailed the phone discussion between Xi and Zelensky as a positive development, despite the Biden administration's opposition to peace talks during the war and its rejection of the idea of China serving as a mediator when it unveiled its own peace proposal.

On the other side, the Russian Foreign Ministry has rejected the notion that China's efforts will result in peace negotiations and has accused the Ukrainian government of rejecting "all reasonable initiatives aimed at finding a political and diplomatic solution" to the conflict.

Despite the difficulties, China's participation in the peace process could mark a pivotal turning point in the ongoing conflict. China, a significant global player with close relations to both Russia and Ukraine, might use influence to persuade both parties to sit down and negotiate a peaceful solution.

Furthermore, given that the US and Russia have historically held a disproportionate amount of sway in Eastern European conflicts, China's participation in the peace process may indicate a change in the region's power dynamics.

China may establish itself as a significant actor in international diplomacy and show its willingness to participate in multilateral efforts to promote peace and stability by taking a more active role in settling the situation in Ukraine.

Overall, even if the road to peace in Ukraine is still long and difficult, China's participation in the peace process could be a step in the right direction for resolving the conflict. The goal is that a durable peace agreement can be reached, putting an end to the violence and suffering that have afflicted the region for far too long, as Beijing continues to engage with all parties concerned.


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