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Can Saudi-Syria Ties Suffice to End the War?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Saudi Arabia and Syria have decided to resume formal diplomatic relations by reopening their embassies after many years of conflict, anarchy, and devastation.

According to reports, communications between Riyadh and Damascus have intensified in the wake of the unexpected normalisation agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which was mediated by China. Tehran is a key backer of President Bashar al-Assad's government in Syria.

In 2011, Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic ties with Syria and backed the unsuccessful US sponsored regime change operation.

Several nations in the area have begun restoring relations with Assad's administration as it has been evident that he won't be leaving office; this initiative is being spearheaded by the UAE, which reopened its embassy in Damascus in 2018.

Nobody should be surprised that the US is opposed to any attempts at normalisation between Syria and the countries in the region given that it occupies nearly one-third of Syrian territory and continues to impose punishing economic sanctions on the nation.

Even as part of an effort to aid Syria in recovering from a horrific earthquake that struck on February 6 and left thousands of Syrians dead, the Biden administration has spoken out against nations strengthening ties with Damascus.

Never fool yourself. The US has hundreds of troops in Syria and has no plans to pull them out anytime soon. American military will stay in Syria for the long haul, despite Washington's claims to the contrary. The US has a "strategic interest" in remaining in the region to support proxies and an alliance of militias led by the Kurdish Workers parties, or PKK.

Long-term deals have been reached between the proxy forces of Syria's northern regions and the US government in the fields of politics, economics, and military. This includes selling Syrian oil on foreign markets and exporting it to pay for the occupation and support for proxies.

The reality is that the US wants to increase its presence in Syria under the guise of battling ISIL. The US has profited from the ongoing, never-ending battle on terror. The choice to remain and host guests is also an effort to defend Israel.

At the same time, Damascus claims that the presence of any US forces on Syrian territory violates international law because neither the Syrians nor the US citizens ever welcomed them there. The conflict will only linger and cost more lives if there is continued occupation and intervention.

It was foolish for the Obama administration to begin a campaign for regime change, and it would be unbelievable if the Biden administration followed suit in 2023. Washington needs to regain control from its Pentagon advisors who support the status quo, put an end to the pointless shell games, and depart from Syria.


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