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Call for Syria to Control All Territory

Updated: May 5, 2023

The conflict in Syria has been continuing for more than ten years, and the intervention of foreign powers has only made things worse. There has been a great deal of death, destruction, and displacement as a result of the protracted battle.

There have been appeals in recent years for the war, economic sanctions, and foreign occupation to end in order to enable for the nation's reconstruction. A start in the right direction towards attaining this objective was the recent summit of the foreign ministers of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt in Amman to negotiate a resolution to the Syrian situation.

The ministers' joint statement affirms support for Syria regaining control of all of its land, including the portion of eastern Syria that US forces have occupied. This is a significant development because it recognises the Syrian government's territorial sovereignty.

The battle has only been prolonged and reconstruction attempts have been hampered by the presence of foreign soldiers on Syrian territory. The ministers have decided to try to put an end to armed and terrorist groups' presence on Syrian territory and to stop outsiders from meddling in Syria's internal affairs. For the nation to become stable, this is essential.

The ministers have also stated that they support efforts to find a political solution that brings an end to the suffering of the Syrian people and leads to racial harmony. This is a critical action towards establishing a stable peace in the nation. The war has caused immense suffering for the Syrian people, and it is crucial that a political solution be found to put an end to the fighting.

The ministers have also resolved to work towards the nation's reconstruction in addition to the political solution. The conflict has wreaked significant damage, and the reconstruction process will be drawn out and challenging. However, it is essential to make sure that the Syrian people can go back to their houses and communities to start over.

Syria's re-entry into the Arab League has been fiercely resisted by the US, which prefers to keep it outside with severe economic sanctions. The humanitarian crisis in the nation has only gotten worse as a result of these sanctions, which are intended to stop the country from being rebuilt.

Additionally, the US supports the SDF, which is led by Kurds and controls about one-third of Syrian territory, including the majority of Syria's oil reserves, by stationing hundreds of troops there. Pressure to withdraw its troops and lift the sanctions would certainly increase as relations between Syria and other regional nations improved.

The recent summit of the foreign ministers of Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt is a step in the right direction towards putting an end to the conflict, the economic sanctions, and the foreign occupation of Syria. The ministers' joint statement supports Syria's efforts to retake control of its whole territory, eliminate armed and terrorist groups, and end outside meddling in Syrian domestic affairs.

This is essential to bringing about stability in the war-torn nation and enabling its reconstruction. It is crucial that attempts to achieve a political settlement and to rebuild continue, and that the international community backs them.


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