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A Future Battle Over Taiwan Has No Victor

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

According to Rep. Mike Gallagher, a congressional war game simulating a Chinese invasion of Taiwan demonstrates the need for the United States to arm Taiwan "to the teeth."

Gallagher is the head of the House's new China panel, which took part in the recent war game. This very uncommon action by members of Congress shows that Washington is gearing up for a potential conflict with Beijing.

The Centre for a New American Security, a conservative think group funded by US armaments manufacturers and the Taiwanese government via the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, Taiwan's de facto embassy, participated in the war exercise.

According to a source close to the China committee, the war game showed that a conflict between the US and China over Taiwan would cause significant US casualties, deplete long-range missile stocks, and leave the world's markets in "absolute tatters."

Increased assistance for Taiwan, according to Gallagher and other China hawks, will stop a Chinese attack. But in reaction to the strengthening military and diplomatic ties between Washington and Taipei, Beijing has only increased military pressure on Taiwan.

The entire community should be alarmed by the latest news reports about the US government's preparations for a future battle with China over Taiwan. It is a risky course that could result in a devastating war to arm Taiwan to the teeth and play war simulations with hardline think tanks. The West should place a higher priority on communication with China in order to settle issues amicably rather than raising tensions.

Europe in particular has to hold off on joining the Taiwan dispute. The interests of Europe's economy and politics would be compromised by any active involvement. Many nations have joined the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, making it a success. If Europe abandons the one-China tenet, it will be isolating itself. Furthermore, Europe must avoid US political and economic dominance. The elites of Europe must act in the best interests of their constituents, not by supporting a devastating conflict.

The West needs to understand that a war with China has no victor. Such a battle would have disastrous repercussions not only for the US and China but also for the entire world. The war game's findings indicate that a conflict between the US and China over Taiwan would cause significant US casualties, the depletion of long-range weapons, and "absolute tatters" in the world's markets. Therefore, preventing such a confrontation is in everyone's best interests.

The way ahead is for the West to communicate with China to settle disputes in the South China Sea rather than arming Taiwan. The West should support a peaceful resolution of the conflict and respect China's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The need for a multipolar world and the significance of respecting the values, interests, and security concerns of all nations, large and small, should also be acknowledged by the international community.


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